Saturday, January 5, 2013

The end of bike season

When one path is blocked, I use another...As I plan my training routes, one morning I get to run by the lake, the next morning I can't. Like some big mechanical board game, my running life changes with the snowfall. As did my commuting life, temporarily. 

I started this post just after we'd gotten about 8 inches of snow. I so love my bike commute - the two-a-day workout, but also the timelessness of flying down the road on a bike, the self-sufficiency of not having to wait for a bus or pay to park. I once heard someone talk about the euphoric state that set in after surviving a near-fatal attack. I wonder if the high I get from biking comes from the biking or the surviving?

Anyway, it was time to put the bike away, just after a thorough tune up from UrbanAdventours. And then it wasn't. One single-digit morning that froze up public transit where I am stuck standing in front of a misanthrope no better than any of the rest of us but not as far as he could tell, and I'm back on the bike. 

I don't have snow tires, so the next snow will put me off, but not completely. This coming week brings promise of 40 degree + days. I rode in yesterday in 20 degrees, with wind, so I'll  be fine, and not annoyed by my fellow man. Plus I have to figure out how to  work in running mileage with my biking mileage and not overdo things.

As for running, where there is plowed road there's a way. I will look forward to running the unplowed paths again later in the spring. 

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