Saturday, January 12, 2013

...and then I got up and ran again.

One of my favorite aphorisms goes something like "Fall down N times get up N+1 times." Well, not that nerdy, but along those lines.

I didn't get out to run until lunchtime, and I was kinda nervous about how things would feel after the crash landing yesterday, but I was fine. I set out on a route that I could easily limp home from and then kept going. And going. Approximately 2:20 (two hours and twenty minutes) and approximately 14 miles, touching into three towns and then back home, with my Heartbreak Hill proxy coming into play at around mile 12.

Thought about posting a picture of my scrambled knee but thought the better of it.

Have had a tetanus shot within recent memory, but wondering if I need to worry about that (I worry about everything) after the near puncture wound of unspecified origin that I got when I fell.

Now where are those cookies, I'm hungry!

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