Friday, January 11, 2013

Before you got up this morning I went splat...

While running, not biking, thankfully. I suppose the upside to a klutzy childhood is knowing how to fall.

Before 6, I was running and chatting away. Then I was falling, unable to right myself, then I was sliding about a foot on my stomach before coming to a stop.

If it is icy, I run slower. If I know there's a hazard or I'm in the woods, I run slower. Today there was nothing to worry about. Except the uneven sidewalk obscured in the streetlamp shadow. Wham. I was not running slower, as evidenced by the long skid on my belly.

Banged and scraped knee, gouged elbow. I have plenty of vitamin I with me and will be fine. Finished the run and gently rode my bike into work.

I missed my calling. Shoulda been a stunt woman.

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