Monday, January 7, 2013

Six Saturday, 14 Today...

Following a reasonably aggressive training schedule, I plan to run three 20 milers before Boston. Last year, I ran down to the aquarium, to the beach, and to Walden for my three long runs. This year, without a steady running buddy, I think I will set up a water stop on her porch and do big loops around town. It's not the sightseeing, it's the running. Which I would probably even be happy doing on a treadmill. No complaints. 

So this is my first 20 mile weekend. One of my jobs is to pay attention to what hurts. I need to be intelligent about training, and committing to the marathon. I have to be able to tell injury from annoyance in order to train smarter. Last year, I bested my marathon of ten years prior by 20 minutes, how's that for smarter? Not running Boston for time, necessarily, but I do want to run the thing. Pain is temporary. One's finish time on the Internet: forever. 

Got a new, really ugly pair of running shoes from Marathon Sports (Hi Brian). With my orthotics, they think I can run in neutral rather than stability shoes. The neutral shoes are lighter, and screaming loud enough not to get lost in the snow. 

Assessment: so far, my left heel occasionally feels dimly like plantar fasciitis coming back, but even after runs north of 12 miles the fascia seems to be holding. So it may be a symptom of new running shoes, or wearing stiffer winter shoes/boots. For now I'm not concerned enough to check my training.

My right hip - dunno which part - is back making noise, but several times over the last several years I have been able to stretch it into submission. (adds stretching back into the mix). 

Left glute, which still echoes the major hamstring pull of a couple years ago. I feel it, but I have felt it and still run well. I hear it. (adds stretching back to the mix)

Rule of thumb: while running if it hurts for more than a minute it is an injury and stop. If it requires, pay attention but you do not have to stop. For now, nothing hurts while running. 

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