Wednesday, December 19, 2012

117 days to go

Well, here goes nothing. Although I have run marathons before (three of 'em, and at least one time is recent enough to be on the 'net) I have never run Boston. On April 15, 2013, I will be honored to run the 26 mile long history lesson that is the Boston Marathon.

Because it is highly unlikely that I will ever qualify to run Boston, I am running to support a charity. Not just any charity. I am running in support of Samaritans, Inc. Samaritans answer the phones 24/7. Adult and teen volunteers support callers in need of a listening ear. Grief support groups and events like their 5K support communities in the aftermath of loss. I come out of such a community, mourning a local teenager who died by suicide last spring. On Marathon Monday.

Samaritans took more than 150,000 calls in 2011. But they are also coming at the mental health problem, and the problem of disconnection, from an entirely new angle with their Happier Boston campaign. Check them out.  As Mr. Roger's mother said, "Look for the helpers."

Boston has the best marathon spectators on the planet. I am thrilled beyond measure to support this organization (although really wishing that my awareness of the need for such a resource was more theoretical)...Stay tuned here for training updates, photos, etc.

If you've run Boston, please share your tips!

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